5 quick questions

Karin is answering

Who doesn’t want to know more about Emcomp?
1. What is Emcomp´s niche?
Ah, I could talk about it forever (those of you who know me can relate to that, I suppose), but in short:
We offer CBI hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers. By technology those are energy efficient, space saving and temperature independent.
And around this product we try to develop together with our customers a solution that perfectly fits their applications. That´s our strength.

2. Why do you work at Emcomp?

We are a small, highly motivated, multi-cultural team, with a lot of knowledge and a high level of “team spirit” at Emcomp.
At the same time we are part of the “Addtech Group family” and you can feel the energy and spirit of working “with freedom and responsibility” in each and every one of us.
This creates a special working environment which I appreciate a lot.

3. What is Emcomp´s strength?

Our people are our biggest strength, I would say. The service spirit seems to be part of our DNA.
This together with product knowledge and a mindset of finding the right solution for every application, makes us a reliable, innovative partner for our customers.

4. Who are Emcomp´s customers?
Many of our customers are large multinational OEMs, mainly in Telecom and Railway market.
We have also been able to grow with customers in markets such as renewable energies or entertainment.
Many of these customers started with a great idea, as a start-up, and have managed to become market leaders in their niches. Very exciting journey!

5. What do you see in Emcomp´s future?

Well, I believe the world is getting smarter, products with intelligence are the future. At the same time we are all striving to increase the level of sustainability.
So together with our customers and suppliers, as a long-term reliable partner, we are trying to develop intelligent products, helping to create a sustainable future. Making a small contribution to this journey … that´s our goal.